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Welcome to Lighting for Studio Photography Decoded

This book is for those who want to learn the basics to advanced levels of lighting for studio photography in a very easy and ‘obvious’ way. John believes that studio lighting photography doesn’t have to be complicated; you just need straight-to-the-point and easy-to-follow sample diagrams to learn various lighting set-ups.

With Lighting for Studio Photography, this book will guide you through the basics using simple step-by-step illustrations. Topics include:

  • Understanding LIGHT
  • Basic studio lighting equipment and light modifiers
  • Camera and strobe lighting set-up
  • How to use a flash light meter
  • Understanding basic portrait lighting
  • Effects using different basic light modifiers
  • Easy-to-follow visual diagrams for basic to advanced studio lighting


Discover inside the book, the secrets to successful yet simple studio lighting setup.

Uprising author John Fick has launched his new “Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED” book which is set to become the standard of studio photography.

John’s book has captured the eyes and minds of budding photographers ranging from beginners to advanced skill set. Lighting for Studio Photography DECODED is a well written illustrative book and teaching tool filled with images, illustrations and diagrams to enable any photographer to skillfully see, capture and shoot the light of a studio set.

The book is also available in pdf; click here to download the eBook.

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To give you an insight of the book, check out the following images.


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